A Choice Must Be Made: to TRY or to TRAIN

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A Choice Must Be Made: to TRY or to TRAIN

The 2013 season is just over three weeks away.  As it approaches I hope all student athletes will begin to evaluate their personal and team goals.  With that in mind I would like to publish an e-mail I sent our about a month ago for all to consider:

Someone asked me, as concisely as possible, to explain the difference between TRYing and TRAINing.  We will be discussing many of the implications throughout the season:  running, school work, relationships and simple self evaluation.  Here is my first attempt to explain my thinking concisely:

Someone who TRYS wishes that a difficult task were made easier.
Someone who TRAINS wishes to improve their own ability to complete a task as it is.  
So ask yourselves which person you would rather be:  someone who wishes life were easier OR someone who accepts that life is not easy and will not be easy, but you will train to meet the challenge
This is one reason I attempt to recruit everyone and anyone to be part of our team.  It’s why I believe there are people on our team that do not always think of themselves as “runners”.  The running is what it is … I never promise anyone that it will be easy.  What I can promise everyone is that they will improve, they will get stronger, and that they will accomplish tasks that they may not even have thought possible by the end.  
Have fun,
Coach Cutler
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