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Mobility- Stretching The Boundaries of Warming-Up

The mobility side of Strength & Mobility has several facets in our program. Activation (or what most people call Warming-Up) Range of Motion Restriction Identification Prehab and Rehab Movement & Coordination Patterns I will address the first one listed above - Activation. To the 2015 XC team our traditional warm-up has been labeled, planned and executed with Activation in mind.  The activation portion of practice needs to accomplish the following tasks: Prepare the athlete for the primary task of the day: Conversational Run Intervals, Bauers, and Hills (Oh My!) Strength Training Racing Identify "How the Athlete is Feeling" so the staff can make individual adaptations to the planned training. Provide feedback to the coaches. Provide an opportunity to target the individual. The athlete will show up to a practice or competition typically from one of three situations: They have just rolled out of bed. They have just left the classroom. They have just stepped off a bus. All of the three afore mentioned environments involve a lot of non-activity.  Therefore we need to activate! We thought we could do better then having the athlete start off with a running, shuffling, death march of bad mechanics. (Exaggeration, but not by much.) So I am attaching our Base Activation for 2015.  The Activation will vary on time of season, practice objective and methods, and race environment. Here is our Base Activation.  I will post more details, rationale, and explanations as the season progresses. XC 2015 Base Activation -Eric  

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Strength – The Philosophy Behind the Work

When making decisions on what exercises, reps, resistance type and load to impose upon the XC athletes, there are a myriad of choices in today's world.  How do we cut through the fad, the bad, the hyped, the mis-information and also all the good stuff out there.  Face it, when selecting a way to strength train there is no shortage to possibilities. I like to look at the problem as a continuum.  The range runs from specific (ex. running) to general (ex. push-ups).  On the specific end of the continuum, we are looking for exercises that mimic the activity in posture, speed, and coordination patterns.  The general end contains exercises and tasks that have posture, speed, and coordination patterns dissimilar to the activity.  We will select exercises and tasks along the whole continuum depending on time of year, needs of the athletes, and abilities of the athletes. We also have a Core Beliefs document developed to guide us in navigating the numerous choices that exist out there in the wild.  I will attach that document to this post. Please reach out with questions regarding the strength program. Look for more detailed information as the season continues. Core Beliefs for XC Strength Training -Eric

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What is this Strength & Mobility Stuff?

The 2015 season brings with it new ideas, concepts, and information.  An area that will be expanded in the 2015 season is Strength & Mobility.  Typically referred to as Strength & Conditioning, the XC team is replacing the conditioning with mobility.  The sport of running has it's own primary conditioning method, running!  We want to improve the athletes' strength and mobility through methods that directly and positively impact their running. Over the course of several information-based posts, as well as periodic posts reflecting on the strength and mobility plan and its progress, you will have a chance to become informed and updated. The intention is to provide: - Parents with information on what we are doing. - Athletes with a resource outside of practice.   Looking forward to the season and helping athletes achieve a "Perfect Effort"   -Eric  

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