I ran my longest race this past weekend in Des Moines at the Capital Pursuit 10-mile. Previously I had never run more than 8 miles. That includes races, training runs, practice or anything. Therefore, just completing the race was a personal record in of itself.

My goal was to break 1 hour and 20 minutes. This would have been 8:00 per mile, and I felt I was in good enough condition to maintain that pace. However, on Saturday, several of the athletes challenged me that I wasn’t placing enough faith in myself and what I could run. I challenge them each race to defy the barriers they place in their minds for how fast they can run. How could I encourage them to see past their limits if I don’t do that myself? I couldn’t promise them to break 1 hour and 10 minutes as some wanted, but I did begin to think maybe I could get closer to 1:10 than 1:20.

With my athletes’ inspiration, I’m very pleased to say I accomplished just that. I ran 1 hour, 12 minutes and 9 seconds Sunday. I finished 90th overall, and my mile splits were 7:18, 8:09, 7:13, 7:36, 7:05, 7:08, 6:57, 6:53, 6:52 and 7:23. This is an average of 7:13 per mile, much faster than my original goal of 8:00 per mile.

So, thanks for the support folks, and now let’s see some of your times drop. Thanks.