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Cross Country Rules/Etiquette

These are special items that need to be passed on to all athletes and parents.


  • An athlete may be disqualified if they are “paced” during their race. No coach, athlete, or spectator may run beside an athlete for more than 2 strides. Please be aware of this when cheering on your teammates or children. Running slightly ahead of or behind is also considered in violation of the spirit of the rule.
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  • An athlete may be disqualified if they receive any assistance during their race. Non-participating teammates, coaches or spectators may not pat runners on the back, give high-fives, or help an athlete to their feet if they fall during a race. Water may be given/or tossed onto an athlete if the host site does not provide a designated water area.
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  • During a competition it is highly discouraged that outside sports equipment be played with. This would include footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, etc. Disqualification rules are unclear here. Pella athletes are not allowed to use such items at our meets (team rule not state rule), we would ask that parents and siblings please do the same as a respect to the competing athletes.
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  • Use noise makers (horns, whistles, bells, etc.) at a meet are in violation of state rules for cross country and can impact team participation in an event. You are encouraged to use your voice, cheer, and clap as much as you’d like before and after the start of a race. (It is quite at the start for all runners to hear the gun/buzzer.)n
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