Hello everyone.  Coach Buchheit sharing my one word.  I am truly excited to share my one word, but I must start with three thoughts that drew me to this one word:

  1. Who can you tend to push away the most when you think you need them the least?
  2. Who can you truly come to appreciate the most when you least appreciate?
  3. Can you think of one word that has limitless boundaries?

My one word is FAMILY.  I selected my one word in January 2014 and therefore am now eight months into my journey.  During this time I have experienced much stronger relationships around my faith community, my home, my extended family, my church, my involvement through The Well Resource Center and in my roles with XC, Pella High  School,  and in Pella Real Estate.

My piece of advice when bringing your one word to life.  FOCUS on what it truly means to you and bring it to life this season.

Coach Buchheit