Tips from Coach Joe Newton (taken from his book Coaching Cross Country Successfully):

“The proper approach to training diet is balance and moderation.  In general, mother’s  home cooking is the very best training table.

Perhaps the best is to focus on what not to do the day of a race

1.  Avoid fried foods (they are difficult to digest), especially the day prior to and the day of a meet.  At all times skip especially greasy foods and any others that upset the system.

2.  During the competitive season do not experiment with new foods, especially on the day of competition.

3.  On meet days eat sparingly.  Never eat later than four hours before competition, taking bland, nourishing foods in moderate portions.

4.  Do not eat eggs on raceday, as they are composed of a sulfur base that sometimes causes gas to form, especially in a nervous stomach.

5.  Before practice also watch the noon meal closely.  In many ways this should be the same as the premeet meal.  To be prepared for the hard afternoon training season, be especially careful not to overeat and to avoid milk at the noon meal.”

As our own personal side note, this is why Coach Hammann and I highly recommend that students pack a lunch the day of a meet and not eat from the cafeteria, especially the ala carte.