It didn’t take long for the Lady Dutch to show that things have changed in Pella when it comes to the girls’ cross country team. Last season the ladies finished in 8th place at SE Polk and had only one runner in the top 50. This year the girls placed 2nd and six girls earned medals by placing in the top 20.

“This was a wonderful start for these young ladies and a good glimpse of their potential,” commented Coach Cutler. “They have put in the effort and are seeing improvement in the their performance. Kayli Hrdlicka and Michelle Renaud already beat their personal bests from last season. That doesn’t happen by magic; it takes a lot of hard work and sweat.”

The ladies placed 2nd by totalling 73 points with finishes of 11th, 12th, 14th, 17th, and 19th. Waukee won the meet with 46 points, and conference rivals Knoxville placed third with 96 points.

Gracie Eggland led the way for the Dutch with a time of 16:50. Freshman Madison Davis made her debut for Pella right behind in 16:55. “Gracie went right out and challenged herself, Madison held back a bit. When these young ladies begin to work together who knows how fast they might go,” said Cutler.

Seniors Kayli Hrdlicka and Michelle Renaud finished 3rd and 4th for the Dutch in 16:56 and 17:06 respectively. Earning Pella their 5th and 6th individual medals of the evening, freshmen Hannah Schwab and Heidi Schulte both finished in 17:10.

Coach Hammann shares, “We have an awesome mix of experienced seniors and eager to learn freshman. We feel this is just a stepping stone and an indication of things to come. We can only continue to get better as the season continues and the girls work toward their goal of qualifying for state.


Waukee 46, Pella 73, Knoxville 96, Indianola 108, Newton 139, SE Polk 152, Nevada 165, Oskaloosa 209, North 249, East 260


Gracie Eggland 16:50 11th

Madison Davis 16:55 12th

Kayli Hrdlicka 16:56 14th

Michelle Renaud 17:06 17th

Hannah Schwab 17:10 19th

Heidi Schulte 17:10 20th

Morgan Heimstra 18:04 38th

Renee VanRoekel 18:17 45th

Sophie Metcalf 18:46 54th

Amanda Dunkin 19:00 61st

Shanice Robinson 19:03 62nd

Kate Williamson 19:13 64th

Nicole Ellingson 19:22 67th

Lauren Barrick 19:22 68th

Alex Kleis 19:27 71st

Chloe Mathonet-VanderWell 19:43 83rd

Ally Huffman 20:26 95th

Adrianna Espinosa 20:33 96th

Anna Mansueto 20:58 102nd

Megan Fetterman 21:07 104th

Alyssa VandeVoort 21:56 121st

Karina L’Esperance 22:06 124th