Tuesday evening in Grinnell showed that the Little Hawkeye Conference Cross Country Meet will be one of the tightest ever this October. Only ten points seperated the top three teams, with Grinnell posting 72 points, Knoxville one point behind, and Pella in third place with 82 points.

Senior captain Kayli Hrdlicka said after the race that the team was pleased with third place. “We’re packed together better than any other year I’ve been on the team. The team hasn’t qualified for the state meet since my freshman year. This year we plan on being there.”

In the varsity race Maddy Davis placed 8th, Kayli Hrdlicka 11th, Heidi Schulte 13th, Michelle Renaud 20th, and Renee VanRoekel 30th. In the junior varsity race Hannah Schwab placed 1st, Amanda Dunkin 6th, and Kate Williamson 11th.

Despite the team’s success, Kayli said, “We miss Gracie. It’s never fun to have a teammate have to miss a meet, and I think she would have made a difference in the final standings tonight.”

Captain Gracie Eggland was held out of competition because of an injury. “I’ll be back soon,” says Gracie. “I missed getting to run tonight, but the other girls did a great job.”

The team now begins a four week span in which training will be as intense as ever and they’ll share more than sweat. “With such a large team this year I was worried we might lose the closeness the team has always had,” shared Kayli. “That has thankfully not been the case. We’re having a lot of fun together.”


Varsity: Grinnell 72, Knoxville 73, Pella 82, Ottumwa 85, Benton 95, Newton 133, Pella Christian 179, Oskaloosa 234, East Marshall 248

JV (unofficial and unadjusted): Pella 43, Knoxville 69, Ottumwa 70, Benton 82, Chariton 118, Newton 268, 6 INC Teams



Maddy Davis 16:58 8th

Kayli Hrdlicka 17:10 11th

Heidi Schulte 17:11 13th

Michelle Renaud 17:29 20th

Renee VanRoekel 18:08 30th

Morgan Heimstra 18:26 34th

Sophie Metcalf 18:41 38th

Junior Varsity

Hannah Schwab 17:45 1st

Amanda Dunkin 18:50 6th

Kate Williamson 19:01 10th

Shanice Robinson 19:08 11th

Alex Kleis 19:18 15th

Nicole Ellingson 19:19 16th

Lauren Barrick 19:36 21st

Chloe Mathonet-VanderWell 19:39 22nd

Ally Huffman 20:03 33rd

Karina L’Esperance 20:48 43rd

Ashley Swanson 20:51 45th

Megan Fetterman 21:05 52nd

Anna Mansueto 21:37 61st

Alexa VandeLune 21:45 64th

Alyssa VandeVoort 21:48 65th