Knoxville Invitational: JV Boys results

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Knoxville Invitational: JV Boys results

Team Result

PlaceTeamScore       Avg TimeSpread
1Pella Community High15123456718:43.500:38.0
2Oskaloosa High School5389101115192020:17.701:09.9
3Indianola High School781213141623242620:57.400:51.1
4Knoxville High School1121718222728303221:21.500:45.7
5Chariton High School14621253133363722:34.303:09.9

Individual Result

11Isaak Webb, 318:25.5Pella Community High
2Davi Simoes18:26.4Pella Christian High
32David Schemm, 418:36.4Pella Community High
43Isaac Vos, 218:43.6Pella Community High
54Soren Stetler, 118:48.8Pella Community High
65Ethan Poulter, 119:03.5Pella Community High
76Cameron Blom, 219:04.7Pella Community High
87Cole Swanson, 219:11.0Pella Community High
9Adam Houtz, 119:28.3Pella Community High
10Jack Callaghan, 119:31.8Newton High School
11Ryan Wilson, 219:33.6Pella Community High
12Michael Buma, 319:36.6Pella Community High
138Talon Munger, 119:43.3Oskaloosa High School
14Aaron King, 319:56.8Pella Community High
159Jack Miller, 120:08.9Oskaloosa High School
1610Jared Boggess, 420:11.0Oskaloosa High School
17Brayton Douma, 120:17.5Pella Community High
18Micah Wittenberg, 320:19.1Pella Community High
19Corey Elliot, 420:23.0Pella Community High
20Luke Schemm, 220:24.2Pella Community High
21Thomas Gauley, 120:29.2Pella Community High
2211David Anderson, 420:31.9Oskaloosa High School
23James Gaul, 220:33.7Pella Community High
2412Seth Bickham, 220:42.0Indianola High School
2513Luke Bell, 320:42.4Indianola High School
2614Riley Seger, 120:51.8Indianola High School
2715Jacob Spears, 120:53.1Oskaloosa High School
28Zach Nunnikhoven, 320:54.1Pella Community High
2916Isaac Stich, 220:57.6Indianola High School
3017Nick Moats, 320:58.2Knoxville High School
31Samuel Yeager, 420:59.0Pella Community High
3218Daniel Mallory, 421:01.6Knoxville High School
33Caleb Houtz, 421:02.9Pella Community High
3419Ean Beenken, 121:06.9Oskaloosa High School
3520Jose Chavez, 221:12.2Oskaloosa High School
36Newton Yee, 121:12.6Pella Community High
3721Jacob Sommers, 221:12.8Chariton High School
3822Dylan Schuenke, 421:20.4Knoxville High School
39Yongyee Yang, 321:22.0Pella Community High
40Joel Yeager, 421:24.9Pella Community High
41Benjamin Lauritsen, 221:31.0Pella Community High
42Chuefeng Vue, 421:31.5Pella Community High
43Tyler Dafflitto, 121:32.7Newton High School
4423Trenton Dishman, 421:33.1Indianola High School
4524Nate Sams, 421:33.4Indianola High School
4625Will Exline, 121:39.8Chariton High School
47Andrew Whitten, 321:41.2Pella Community High
4826Parker Lowry, 421:42.3Indianola High School
49Daniel Thompson, 421:42.7Pella Community High
5027Gunnar Garcia, 121:43.5Knoxville High School
5128Alex Wadle, 321:43.9Knoxville High School
5229Michael Gonzales21:46.6Eddyville-Blakesburg
53Logan Fredell, 321:47.5Indianola High School
54Ross Hull, 121:48.5Newton High School
55Jay Beyer, 421:50.7Pella Community High
56Jared Little, 121:56.7Montezuma High School
57Spencer Nelson, 221:57.0Oskaloosa High School
5830Dakotah Long, 322:02.2Knoxville High School
59Keagan Verschuure, 222:03.0Pella Community High
6031Bradley Owens, 122:13.5Chariton High School
61Michael Reed, 222:18.8Pella Community High
6232Cris Schwanebeck, 422:19.6Knoxville High School
63Cj Sheets, 1122:21.4Centerville High Scho
64Aaron Bowie, 222:23.1Oskaloosa High School
65Nate Soldswich, 122:25.0Indianola High School
66Justin Kaestner, 422:32.3Knoxville High School
67Grant Hladik, 222:37.0Oskaloosa High School
68Cody Jones, 422:40.5Oskaloosa High School
69Colin McNeill, 322:47.5Knoxville High School
70Efrain Garcia, 322:55.3Oskaloosa High School
71Jack Sytsma, 322:56.7Pella Community High
72Garrett Johnson, 123:00.9Pella Community High
73Ben Vogel, 323:01.2Pella Community High
74Caden Hudson, 123:06.8Knoxville High School
75Andres Vargas, 323:07.1Pcm High School
76Shawn Sytsma, 123:09.3Pella Community High
77Ben Diehl, 123:11.5Pella Christian High
78Dakota Bigbee, 123:13.9Pella Community High
7933Moses Voron, 423:22.6Chariton High School
80Braden Phifer, 223:31.9Pcm High School
81Max VanGorp, 223:39.8Pcm High School
82Sam Adams, 423:46.2Oskaloosa High School
83Nathan Chaplin, 423:47.6Pella Community High
8434Jake Sutton23:52.0Eddyville-Blakesburg
85Isaac Schrauben, 323:55.0Pella Community High
86Jey Ches, 123:56.6Pella Community High
87Riley Martin, 324:11.8Pleasantville High Sc
88Michael Schnebbe, 424:12.6Pella Community High
89Justin Overmann, 324:13.8Indianola High School
90Kyle Decker, 424:14.8Knoxville High School
9135Nathaniel Bay24:22.1Eddyville-Blakesburg
9236Will Anderson, 124:22.7Chariton High School
93Mansel Johnston, 124:26.1Knoxville High School
9437Austin Pfrimmer, 224:33.5Chariton High School
95Trenton Gutknecht, 324:38.0Knoxville High School
96Dylan Kramer, 224:38.3Pella Community High
97Blake Robson, 124:44.9Newton High School
98Sam Carmichael, 124:46.5Oskaloosa High School
99Wyatt Teeter, 424:46.7Oskaloosa High School
100Micah Criscuolo, 325:01.2Pella Community High
101Michael Szlachetka, 325:04.0Knoxville High School
102Trevor Poundstone, 125:19.4Knoxville High School
103Max Goodwin, 1025:22.6Centerville High Scho
104Charles Jordan, 425:40.5Pleasantville High Sc
105Caleb Gaylor, 125:50.3Pella Community High
10638Jace Glosser25:52.6Eddyville-Blakesburg
107Nick Sult, 226:04.7Pella Community High
108Rj McElvain, 1026:38.2Centerville High Scho
109Brady McMains, 327:19.2Pleasantville High Sc
110MoHan Zheng, 1227:26.3Centerville High Scho
111Hunter Drake, 229:36.8Pleasantville High Sc
112Jonathan Heath, 129:46.4Pcm High School
11339Harrison Mock29:56.0Eddyville-Blakesburg
114Will Halstead, 435:41.9Pella Community High
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