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Knoxville Invitational: JV Girls results

Team Results

PlaceTeamScore       Avg TimeSpread
1Ankeny High School2524568192017:56.400:32.8
2Pella Community High403791011131618:06.800:30.4
3Indianola High School59112141517182118:21.401:13.6
4Oskaloosa High School125222325262921:53.004:16.5
5Chariton High School1402427283031323323:31.803:28.8

Individual Results

11Jacque McGinnis, 217:33.1Indianola High School
22Jenna Iversen, 317:39.6Ankeny High School
33Erica Halstead, 117:46.1Pella Community High
44Lyndsie Schinkel, 417:51.7Ankeny High School
55Ciara Gilliam, 117:56.5Ankeny High School
66Kelsey Fischer, 218:02.0Ankeny High School
77Grace Fisher, 218:03.0Pella Community High
88Anna Patterson, 418:12.4Ankeny High School
99Emily Dux, 318:13.7Pella Community High
1010Ashley Kirkland, 418:14.8Pella Community High
1111Patience Dykstra, 118:16.4Pella Community High
1212Hannah Snodgrass, 318:21.3Indianola High School
1313Aanna Roslien, 318:24.0Pella Community High
1414Morgan Bolton, 118:31.0Indianola High School
1515Celia Askelsen, 118:35.1Indianola High School
1616Heather Kirkland, 118:41.4Pella Community High
17Emma Thoreson, 218:41.7Pella Community High
1817Kate Leech, 318:46.7Indianola High School
19Kelly Murphy, 118:49.0Pella Community High
2018Carrington Kuehl, 118:56.4Indianola High School
21Joy Van Wyngarden, 219:04.4Pella Community High
22Mackenzie Gustafson, 419:06.6Pella Community High
2319Alli Jacobsen, 119:09.0Ankeny High School
2420Fjolla Gjonbalaj, 319:09.6Ankeny High School
25Allison Varineau, 119:10.1Ankeny High School
2621Paige Furler, 119:11.8Indianola High School
27Sarah Marie Heschke, 219:14.5Pella Community High
28Clara Johnson, 219:21.8Indianola High School
29Bailey Furler, 119:23.5Indianola High School
30Naomi Tripp, 119:26.8Pella Community High
31Megan Kooker, 319:29.9Pella Community High
32Laura McKenzie, 119:32.4Ankeny High School
33Sarah Jordan, 119:35.3Indianola High School
34Jacey Davis, 219:37.4Pella Community High
35Sidney Miller, 419:39.3Indianola High School
36Katie Nichols, 419:40.5Indianola High School
37Mackenna Goemaat, 119:40.9Pella Community High
38Jordyn Soule, 219:46.8Newton High School
39Madeline Green, 419:53.9Indianola High School
4022Kylee Silliman, 319:57.3Oskaloosa High School
41Taryn Ernst, 420:03.4Pella Community High
42Natalie Alleman, 120:08.0Ankeny High School
43Jennifer Van Haaften, 220:15.9Pella Community High
44Julia Tagye, 420:17.6Ankeny High School
45Claire Weatherwax, 220:25.8Ankeny High School
4623Emily Grahek, 120:28.7Oskaloosa High School
47Kenzie Ellis, 420:30.7Indianola High School
48Megan Tagye, 220:43.4Ankeny High School
49Erica Bossard, 120:56.7Pella Community High
50Kelsey Maize21:00.2Eddyville-Blakesburg
51Amelia Vande Lune, 421:11.2Pella Community High
52Marisa Modlin, 421:17.8Newton High School
53Olivia Brooks, 321:24.9Ankeny High School
54Lydia Den Adel, 321:33.1Pella Community High
5524Jenny Roach, 321:41.3Chariton High School
56Dana Kirkegaard, 421:47.3Indianola High School
57Meg Trumper, 421:47.7Indianola High School
58Jessica DeWaard, 421:52.8Pella Community High
5925Claire Carmichael, 421:53.8Oskaloosa High School
60Ellie Jensen, 221:55.8Indianola High School
61Jordyn Bostwick, 121:57.5Ankeny High School
62Ally Canfield, 322:13.7Pella Community High
63Maddie Glascock, 322:20.5Indianola High School
64Ekta Patel, 322:33.5Ankeny High School
65Brylie Wiedmaier, 422:35.8Indianola High School
66Ariel Dols, 422:36.1Indianola High School
67Juliana Van Gorp, 122:36.5Pella Community High
68Annie Hurt, 322:47.1Newton High School
69Ryllianne Burton, 222:48.6Pella Community High
70Rebekah Fyfe, 122:49.3Pella Community High
7126Lauren Gorski, 422:51.5Oskaloosa High School
72Sierra Becker, 422:56.5Indianola High School
73Kloe Lambert, 223:02.7Pella Community High
74Lizzy Budiselich, 1223:04.8Centerville High Scho
75Jeannie Etnyre, 423:06.2Pella Community High
7627Lauren Zern, 323:07.5Chariton High School
77Rebecca Morningstar, 123:09.1Lynnville-Sully High
78Moriah Wittenberg, 123:11.1Pella Community High
79Emma Jahner, 223:20.6Pleasantville High Sc
8028Ronni Bauer, 223:22.2Chariton High School
81Haley Breeden, 124:03.1Lynnville-Sully High
8229Julia Coniglio, 324:13.8Oskaloosa High School
8330Taheton Decker, 124:18.1Chariton High School
84Mikayla Clary, 224:20.0Pleasantville High Sc
85Beatriz Aliveira, 225:09.7Pella Christian High
8631Vada Abrahamson, 225:10.0Chariton High School
87Samantha Pareti, 125:13.9Ankeny High School
88Mallory Wheeler, 325:40.6Pella Community High
89Mikayla Huston, 425:46.0Pella Community High
90Sophia Wignall, 125:51.0Ankeny High School
91Megan Oliver, 326:06.5Pleasantville High Sc
92Miriam Housni, 327:08.1Pella Community High
93Taika Dennill, 427:58.1Pella Community High
9432Aislin Bergman, 231:03.3Chariton High School
9533Abby Demichaelis, 231:12.4Chariton High School
96Mackenzie Devore, 132:29.6Chariton High School
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