Knoxville Invitational: Middle School Boys results

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Knoxville Invitational: Middle School Boys results

Team Results

PlaceTeamScore       Avg TimeSpread
1Indianola Middle Scho321478121819??
2Pella Middle School53510111314222712:02.701:07.4
3Pcm Middle School12969244446486212:56.602:24.4
4Chariton Middle Schoo1361725263335384213:05.100:40.6
5Oskaloosa Middle Scho14332328365313:13.303:54.8
7*Knoxville Middle Scho1501529313243606113:14.401:27.8
8Newton Middle School1722030343751555813:32.002:16.7
9Centerville Middle Sc2281645505463656614:43.604:14.0
10Montezuma Middle Scho26140495256646715:16.603:55.8

Individual Results

11Eric Baldus, 8?Indianola Middle Scho
22Arawn Hodgkins10:59.5Eddyville-Blakesburg
33Carter Huyser, 811:19.7Oskaloosa Middle Scho
44Conner Lynch, 811:23.1Indianola Middle Scho
55VanHauen Drew, 811:23.8Pella Middle School
66Brock Winegardner, 711:42.7Pcm Middle School
77Justin Seigfrig, 811:46.5Indianola Middle Scho
88Cameron Williams, 811:47.0Indianola Middle Scho
99Jason Stafford, 711:49.8Pcm Middle School
1010Buckingham Evan, 811:54.5Pella Middle School
1111Reynolds Tyler, 712:02.4Pella Middle School
1212Aidan Trotter, 812:11.0Indianola Middle Scho
1313Tierney Gavin, 812:21.5Pella Middle School
1414Buma Jordan, 812:31.2Pella Middle School
1515Matt Brown, 812:33.6Knoxville Middle Scho
1616Owen Pasa, 712:35.9Centerville Middle Sc
1717Ben Lahart, 812:40.1Chariton Middle Schoo
1818Tyler Juffernbruch, 812:40.9Indianola Middle Scho
1919Isiaha Walton, 812:41.7Indianola Middle Scho
20Sklar Rus, 712:43.6Twin Cedars Middle Sc
2120Nathan Miller, 812:46.3Newton Middle School
22Tate Glaspie, 712:49.8Indianola Middle Scho
2321Jacob Shepherd12:51.6Eddyville-Blakesburg
2422Briggs Carter, 812:53.7Pella Middle School
2523Kadin Gerard, 712:59.0Oskaloosa Middle Scho
26Christian Goemaat, 813:00.1Twin Cedars Middle Sc
27Ty Jensen, 713:00.5Indianola Middle Scho
2824Owen Hugen, 713:00.7Pcm Middle School
2925Sawyer Cline, 813:03.5Chariton Middle Schoo
30Wilson Sandquist, 713:03.7Indianola Middle Scho
31Shane Watson, 813:04.3Indianola Middle Scho
3226Cameron McDonald, 813:06.4Chariton Middle Schoo
3327Furr13:06.7Pella Middle School
3428Drew Appleget, 813:10.2Oskaloosa Middle Scho
3529Jordan Bacon, 713:11.4Knoxville Middle Scho
3630Larkin Christy, 713:11.7Newton Middle School
3731Elliott Schmidt, 813:12.8Knoxville Middle Scho
3832Joey Kesteloot, 813:12.9Knoxville Middle Scho
3933Grant Goering, 813:14.8Chariton Middle Schoo
4034Adam Hunter, 813:15.0Newton Middle School
41Leathers Nathan, 813:16.6Pella Middle School
4235Logan Demichellis, 713:20.7Chariton Middle Schoo
43Bruxvoort Jared, 713:21.8Pella Middle School
4436Nick Koenig, 713:23.1Oskaloosa Middle Scho
45Gaul Thomas, 713:23.3Pella Middle School
4637Colton Forck, 713:24.0Newton Middle School
47John Aldrich, 813:24.8Indianola Middle Scho
48Schippers Dakota, 713:25.4Pella Middle School
49Owen Fix, 713:26.6Indianola Middle Scho
50Ethan Showers, 713:28.7Indianola Middle Scho
5138Peyton Lane, 813:28.9Chariton Middle Schoo
52Nick Crane, 813:33.5Indianola Middle Scho
5339Alan Angle13:33.9Eddyville-Blakesburg
54Jaxson Mahlstadt, 813:42.2Indianola Middle Scho
5540Nolan Reynolds, 813:43.0Montezuma Middle Scho
56Singer Nick, 713:47.6Pella Middle School
57Kime Cody, 713:50.2Pella Middle School
58Jack Lauer, 813:54.4Pleasantville Middle
5941Levi Strausser13:57.1Eddyville-Blakesburg
6042Lance Wallace, 713:57.8Chariton Middle Schoo
61Peters Riley, 813:59.4Pella Middle School
6243Sam Grinstead, 814:01.4Knoxville Middle Scho
6344Cody Courtney, 714:02.6Pcm Middle School
64Keltic Erwin, 714:03.4Indianola Middle Scho
6545Brady Hughes, 714:03.9Centerville Middle Sc
6646Brenden Vanderpool, 814:07.1Pcm Middle School
67Michael Roberts, 714:09.4Indianola Middle Scho
68Brayden Beinhart, 714:10.5Indianola Middle Scho
69Nguyen Kaleb, 814:12.6Pella Middle School
70Thompson Matthew, 814:15.2Pella Middle School
7147Adam LaRue14:16.7Eddyville-Blakesburg
7248Ayrton Breckenridge, 714:18.4Pcm Middle School
73Roozeboom Jordan, 714:18.9Pella Middle School
74Schulte Jake, 714:20.8Pella Middle School
7549Caleb Jones, 714:24.1Montezuma Middle Scho
76Kleven Nate, 814:25.0Pella Middle School
77Avery Lauer, 814:25.9Pleasantville Middle
78Maifeld Cole, 714:26.6Pella Middle School
79Matthew Lunsford, 714:42.3Pella Christian Middl
8050Cade lechtenberg, 714:48.8Centerville Middle Sc
81Brumwell Aiden, 714:54.3Pella Middle School
8251Luke Zaabel, 715:03.0Newton Middle School
8352Caymen DeJong, 715:05.6Montezuma Middle Scho
84Caleb Nostrala, 715:06.1Indianola Middle Scho
85Carter Luttrell, 715:08.7Indianola Middle Scho
8653Andrew Scholes, 715:14.5Oskaloosa Middle Scho
87VanderWerf Dreyton, 815:16.9Pella Middle School
8854Noah Craver, 715:19.8Centerville Middle Sc
89Etnyre Matthew, 815:22.3Pella Middle School
90Miller Troy, 815:22.9Pella Middle School
91Henry Colin, 715:23.2Pella Middle School
92Mason Dunsbergen, 815:28.4Lynnville-Sully Middl
93Jason Craver, 815:28.7Lynnville-Sully Middl
9455Isaac Friedman, 815:28.9Newton Middle School
9556Preston Hirsch, 715:31.4Montezuma Middle Scho
9657Bryan Carroll15:32.0Eddyville-Blakesburg
97White Logan, 715:32.6Pella Middle School
9858Colin McAnally, 815:34.1Newton Middle School
99Michael Munoz, 815:36.4Pella Christian Middl
100Johnston Mason, 715:38.2Pella Middle School
101Tyler Goben, 715:39.5Chariton Middle Schoo
102Isaac Coker, 715:45.7Chariton Middle Schoo
10359Bret Haring15:49.8Eddyville-Blakesburg
10460Daniel Ramaeker, 716:02.8Knoxville Middle Scho
10561Gable Garcia, 716:07.6Knoxville Middle Scho
10662Blake VanderKamp, 716:16.1Pcm Middle School
107Jasper Wickman, 716:45.1Newton Middle School
108Micah Thatcher, 816:47.3Chariton Middle Schoo
109Huddleston Dakota, 716:48.1Pella Middle School
11063Cameron Voss, 716:49.8Centerville Middle Sc
111Cooper VandeLune, 716:57.2Pcm Middle School
112Houtz Jonas, 717:00.3Pella Middle School
113Chandler Swanson, 717:13.8Chariton Middle Schoo
114Talon Roe17:14.9Eddyville-Blakesburg
115Nedder Jacob, 717:21.9Pella Middle School
116Jablonski Ben, 717:30.2Pella Middle School
117Blom Cale, 717:36.1Pella Middle School
11864Brett Pope, 817:38.8Montezuma Middle Scho
119Jamison Owens, 817:40.2Chariton Middle Schoo
120Wilborn Jerred, 817:52.3Pella Middle School
121Aaron Sullenger, 817:55.8Chariton Middle Schoo
12265Dylan Brake, 718:00.0Centerville Middle Sc
123Noah Weaver, 818:06.4Chariton Middle Schoo
12466Blayne Morlan, 718:20.0Centerville Middle Sc
12567Brody Chidester, 718:41.2Montezuma Middle Scho
126Marcus Msuya, 819:04.7Indianola Middle Scho
127Dawsyn Graham, 719:12.9Pleasantville Middle
128Parker Sherwood, 719:17.9Newton Middle School
129Alex VerMeer, 719:23.4Pella Christian Middl
130Mitchell Faidley, 819:25.0Newton Middle School
131Daniel Crowley, 819:38.7Indianola Middle Scho
132Peffers Liam, 719:49.2Pella Middle School
133Kaleb Dydell, 720:01.9Newton Middle School
134Klein Gavin, 820:34.0Pella Middle School
135Toom Landon, 720:47.4Pella Middle School
136Steven Adams, 721:01.7Chariton Middle Schoo
137Sam Hatten, 723:19.4Indianola Middle Scho
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