Knoxville Invitational: Middle School Girls results

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Knoxville Invitational: Middle School Girls results

Team Results

PlaceTeamScore       Avg TimeSpread
1Pella Middle School431481119242812:46.401:21.2
2Indianola Middle School6223162021232612:59.801:21.6
3Oskaloosa Middle School78513151827343513:18.501:39.3
4Newton Middle School9369102939444613:42.203:06.8
5Pcm Middle School1251722253031323313:58.801:04.2
7Centerville Middle School168737404143495015:16.004:17.7
8Chariton Middle School240424748515218:07.603:29.6

Individual Results

11Poulter Whitley, 712:03.1Pella Middle School
22Jadyn Forbes, 812:13.3Indianola Middle Scho
33Bailey Blake, 712:17.4Indianola Middle Scho
44Kruse MaKayla, 812:29.4Pella Middle School
55Aleeya Cheney, 812:30.2Oskaloosa Middle Scho
66Caelyn Briley, 812:34.3Newton Middle School
77Emily Lewis, 712:35.6Centerville Middle Sc
88McMartin Caroline, 712:47.1Pella Middle School
99Rachel Rhoads, 812:53.2Newton Middle School
1010Abbie Barr, 812:59.7Newton Middle School
1111Thoreson Elsie, 713:08.3Pella Middle School
1212Kacie Flaig13:12.2Eddyville-Blakesburg
1313Lauren Coon, 813:13.2Oskaloosa Middle Scho
1414Madysen Wade13:14.3Eddyville-Blakesburg
1515Ellie Snyder, 813:16.8Oskaloosa Middle Scho
1616Allison Coffey, 813:19.8Indianola Middle Scho
1717Sayde White, 713:22.3Pcm Middle School
1818Mikayla McQueen, 813:22.8Oskaloosa Middle Scho
1919Kowzan Hailey, 713:24.2Pella Middle School
2020Elly Flaherty, 713:33.7Indianola Middle Scho
2121Brittany Scovel, 713:34.8Indianola Middle Scho
2222Payton Schut, 813:35.5Pcm Middle School
23Shelby Conger, 713:37.9Montezuma Middle Scho
24Kennedy Roland, 713:41.0Lynnville-Sully Middl
2523Bailey Kaas, 813:44.1Indianola Middle Scho
2624Reed Cassie, 713:46.8Pella Middle School
2725Sarah Martin, 714:03.5Pcm Middle School
2826Brooke Pottebaum, 714:06.4Indianola Middle Scho
2927Kirby Nelson, 814:09.5Oskaloosa Middle Scho
30Mel Johnson, 814:10.8Pleasantville Middle
3128Roorda Ellie, 714:16.9Pella Middle School
3229Jenna Smith, 714:22.6Newton Middle School
3330Allison Stafford, 814:26.1Pcm Middle School
3431Megan Townley, 814:26.5Pcm Middle School
3532Hailey Schutte, 714:28.2Pcm Middle School
36Kristen McCuen, 714:29.1Indianola Middle Scho
3733Hannah Bouwkamp, 814:32.4Pcm Middle School
38Kate McCarthy, 714:33.3Pcm Middle School
39Liz Leech, 814:33.7Indianola Middle Scho
40Howard Ellie, 714:35.7Pella Middle School
41Davis-Kovarik Sarah, 714:36.8Pella Middle School
4234Rachel Alderson, 814:39.3Oskaloosa Middle Scho
4335Victoria Voss, 814:44.3Oskaloosa Middle Scho
44Sierra Foster, 714:52.3Pcm Middle School
45Leah Wilcox, 814:53.7Oskaloosa Middle Scho
46Grace Versteegh, 814:55.0Oskaloosa Middle Scho
47April Olson, 814:55.4Knoxville Middle Scho
48Schreur Emily, 814:56.0Pella Middle School
49Claire Milligan, 814:57.6Pella Christian Middl
50VerHey Lydia, 814:57.8Pella Middle School
51Mia Hughes, 814:59.6Indianola Middle Scho
5236Jade West14:59.8Eddyville-Blakesburg
53Nunnikhoven Abbie, 815:06.1Pella Middle School
54Olivia McKelvey, 815:09.8Indianola Middle Scho
55Katie Thessen, 815:11.7Indianola Middle Scho
56Katelyn Straight, 815:12.5Indianola Middle Scho
5737Zoie Cochran, 715:17.4Centerville Middle Sc
58Haley Westercamp, 715:17.8Oskaloosa Middle Scho
59Sara Dudley, 815:21.7Pcm Middle School
60Ropes Brittney, 815:28.0Pella Middle School
61Hannah Martsching, 815:29.8Indianola Middle Scho
62Gaby Haynes, 815:30.5Indianola Middle Scho
63Kenzie Olson, 815:30.8Pleasantville Middle
64Wittenberg Tirzah, 715:37.2Pella Middle School
6538Shanna Fellows15:38.0Eddyville-Blakesburg
6639Abby Davis, 715:41.1Newton Middle School
67Morgan Uhlenhopp, 815:42.0Pcm Middle School
68Lexi Pollock, 715:46.1Indianola Middle Scho
6940Katie Myers, 715:46.4Centerville Middle Sc
7041Cora Llyod, 715:47.3Centerville Middle Sc
71Singhal Smita, 715:51.1Pella Middle School
72Sophia Bell, 715:52.6Indianola Middle Scho
73Maddie Daughenbaugh, 815:53.1Indianola Middle Scho
74Payton Belt, 715:54.4Indianola Middle Scho
75Eva Gabel, 716:04.0Indianola Middle Scho
76Taylor Lydia, 816:04.3Pella Middle School
77Emma Thomas, 716:05.9Pcm Middle School
78Kane Ellie, 816:14.8Pella Middle School
79Sult Madison, 716:16.0Pella Middle School
80Schroder Elizabeth, 816:16.7Pella Middle School
8142Christy Petty, 716:17.0Chariton Middle Schoo
82Katie Henkenius, 716:27.4Pcm Middle School
83Blommers Lindsey, 816:31.0Pella Middle School
84Alex Inskeep, 816:32.9Pcm Middle School
85Abby Te Grotenhuis, 816:45.1Pella Christian Middl
8643Angela Collins, 716:53.2Centerville Middle Sc
87Maddy Mead, 816:53.6Knoxville Middle Scho
88Taylor Eilander, 716:56.4Pcm Middle School
89Hannah Riggs, 816:58.5Indianola Middle Scho
9044Bayleigh Hughson, 717:01.4Newton Middle School
91Rachel Hudson, 717:03.5Indianola Middle Scho
92Abbey Pals, 817:12.9Indianola Middle Scho
93Emily Rolands, 717:14.9Indianola Middle Scho
9445Emma Mock17:15.2Eddyville-Blakesburg
9546Kristi Guzinski, 717:16.4Newton Middle School
96Jenna Lee-Johnson, 817:17.8Indianola Middle Scho
97Madalyn Gamble, 717:19.2Newton Middle School
98Blom Hanna, 817:20.2Pella Middle School
99Breanna Vanderpool, 717:21.3Pcm Middle School
100Taegan Hamer, 817:30.4Pcm Middle School
101Lauren Trainer, 817:32.5Oskaloosa Middle Scho
10247Samantha Dyer, 717:34.7Chariton Middle Schoo
10348Jessica Plank, 717:36.1Chariton Middle Schoo
104Maggie Staudacher, 717:39.4Indianola Middle Scho
105Kallista Peterson, 817:50.3Indianola Middle Scho
10649Camille Hendricks, 718:04.6Centerville Middle Sc
107Houtz Evie, 818:05.5Pella Middle School
10850Emily Clark, 718:17.3Centerville Middle Sc
109Haley Jewell, 718:17.7Centerville Middle Sc
110Brooklyn Ohair, 718:18.0Centerville Middle Sc
111Beyer Kayla, 718:39.2Pella Middle School
112Taylor Shinn, 718:52.8Centerville Middle Sc
113Alyssa McElvain, 718:55.8Centerville Middle Sc
114Criscuolo Gabi, 818:59.9Pella Middle School
115Tauke Kayla, 719:22.1Pella Middle School
11651Hannah Thatcher, 719:23.4Chariton Middle Schoo
117Pumphrey Lily, 719:30.3Pella Middle School
118Abby King, 719:46.1Indianola Middle Scho
11952Renee Pedersen, 819:46.6Chariton Middle Schoo
120Ryleigh Harvey, 721:21.2Newton Middle School
121Ashley Tieden, 721:35.6Centerville Middle Sc
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