Knoxville Invitational: Varsity Boys results

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Knoxville Invitational: Varsity Boys results

Team Results

PlaceTeamScore       Avg TimeSpread
1Pella Community High263456891017:36.600:50.4
2Oskaloosa High School3912111213164017:59.002:05.3
3Indianola High School951517182223263319:25.900:50.6
4Knoxville High School1212021252728373919:48.500:27.3
5Newton High School1397143538454919:41.203:06.4
6Chariton High School1732432344142445320:17.500:42.2
7Pleasantville High Sc2011929475056646720:49.202:30.2
9Centerville High Scho2644648525761626321:42.301:26.2
10Pcm High School29236596066717222:23.203:29.8
11Montezuma High School295315865687322:58.806:12.8

Individual Results

11Spencer DeJong, 416:44.7Oskaloosa High School
22Skylar DeJong, 416:45.0Oskaloosa High School
33Ben Warner, 417:16.0Pella Community High
44Nick Bernhagen, 217:26.7Pella Community High
55Adam Sievers, 317:31.2Pella Community High
66Sawyer Burton, 417:42.9Pella Community High
77Jacob Thomas, 417:47.8Newton High School
88Travis Dingeman, 418:06.3Pella Community High
99Joshua Van Dusseldorp, 218:12.2Pella Community High
1010Micah Hammann, 218:14.4Pella Community High
11Canyon Kuhlmann, 318:27.3Lynnville-Sully High
1211Colton Berg, 218:47.4Oskaloosa High School
1312Willis Knox, 218:47.8Oskaloosa High School
1413Kamron VanHulzen, 418:50.0Oskaloosa High School
1514Mikey Bradley, 118:55.0Newton High School
1615Gavin Burgin, 418:55.4Indianola High School
1716Adam Durech, 419:14.9Oskaloosa High School
1817Dudley Yeoman, 219:20.8Indianola High School
1918Zachary Nehring, 419:23.3Indianola High School
2019Alex Young, 319:27.2Pleasantville High Sc
2120Chase Larson, 219:34.5Knoxville High School
2221Cade McNeill, 219:38.2Knoxville High School
2322Asa Hatten, 419:44.3Indianola High School
2423Thomas Naughton, 119:46.0Indianola High School
2524Jonah Thatcher, 219:49.5Chariton High School
2625Mitchell Hollingshead, 319:49.9Knoxville High School
2726August Franzen, 419:50.8Indianola High School
2827Blake Lee, 119:58.1Knoxville High School
2928Jack McDonald, 220:01.8Knoxville High School
3029Max Johnson, 320:06.7Pleasantville High Sc
3130Peyton Walker20:07.0Eddyville-Blakesburg
3231Paden Maschmann, 220:07.8Montezuma High School
33Samuel Dahm, 220:08.3Pella Christian High
34Nathan VerMeer, 120:09.5Pella Christian High
3532Bryce Exline, 220:14.3Chariton High School
3633Cole Bickham, 320:15.7Indianola High School
3734Sam Adams, 320:20.5Chariton High School
3835Dylan Main, 120:21.7Newton High School
3936Chris Ellens, 220:24.5Pcm High School
40Jackson Schelhaas, 420:26.0Pella Christian High
4137Chase Brown, 320:26.3Knoxville High School
4238Justin Simms, 420:27.3Newton High School
4339Colton Rinehart, 420:28.5Knoxville High School
4440Josh Diehl, 220:31.1Oskaloosa High School
4541Max Covington, 320:31.4Chariton High School
4642Joe Gookin, 420:31.6Chariton High School
4743Andrew Hart20:40.7Eddyville-Blakesburg
4844Nathan Kalsem, 220:43.2Chariton High School
4945Chase Dykstra, 420:54.1Newton High School
5046Garrett McGrann, 1120:56.4Centerville High Scho
5147Eli Kenyon, 321:01.7Pleasantville High Sc
5248Braden Lechtenberg, 921:15.9Centerville High Scho
5349Noah Sander, 221:18.6Newton High School
5450Tony Ramos, 321:33.0Pleasantville High Sc
5551Jackson Voyles21:44.2Eddyville-Blakesburg
5652Colton Belloma, 1021:48.7Centerville High Scho
5753Austin Cline, 321:50.2Chariton High School
5854Jordan Leffler21:53.3Eddyville-Blakesburg
5955Tylor Durbin21:56.4Eddyville-Blakesburg
60Nic Lirio, 421:57.3Lynnville-Sully High
6156Nate Sowers, 321:57.4Pleasantville High Sc
6257Joe Zintz, 1022:08.1Centerville High Scho
6358Seth Cranston, 222:10.9Montezuma High School
6459Trent Howard, 322:13.8Pcm High School
6560Brady North, 122:18.6Pcm High School
6661Lee Benz, 922:22.5Centerville High Scho
67Hunter Swope, 122:27.3Twin Cedars High Scho
6862Grant Kelly, 1022:32.1Centerville High Scho
6963Devon Glosser, 1222:43.2Centerville High Scho
7064Jack Ray, 122:48.4Pleasantville High Sc
7165Jared Little, 122:48.7Montezuma High School
7266Rory VanGorp, 123:05.0Pcm High School
73Colton Spaur, 223:09.4Twin Cedars High Scho
7467Nathan Stone, 123:25.6Pleasantville High Sc
7568Robbie Broadston, 223:25.9Montezuma High School
7669Luke Sutton23:50.6Eddyville-Blakesburg
7770Noah Strausser23:50.9Eddyville-Blakesburg
7871Chase Keucker, 223:54.2Pcm High School
7972Caleb Peter, 124:10.6Pcm High School
80Jared Bassett, 124:20.5Lynnville-Sully High
81Hunter Frost, 326:11.4Twin Cedars High Scho
8273Kaleb Kriegel, 226:20.5Montezuma High School
83Brett Maasdam, 129:29.7Lynnville-Sully High
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