Knoxville Invitational: Varsity Girls results

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Knoxville Invitational: Varsity Girls results

Team Results

PlaceTeamScore       Avg TimeSpread
1Pella Community High423451416182416:31.701:22.6
2Ankeny High School4967111213222516:48.100:35.5
3Indianola High School6889151719233017:02.100:48.4
4Newton High School107110313233353717:32.803:26.3
5Oskaloosa High School148229363942536618:13.303:55.7
6Pcm High School18421262852575918:48.002:52.4
7Lynnville-Sully High20527344647516019:11.001:49.3
8Centerville High Scho2192040455658646519:30.803:13.7
9Knoxville High School258414449556920:10.402:26.5
10Montezuma High School26338485054737720:17.003:18.3
11Chariton High School3114363676870717221:13.102:47.0
12Pleasantville High Sc348616274757622:22.503:16.6

Individual Results

11Grace Coen, 315:12.3Newton High School
22Sienna DeJong, 215:26.7Oskaloosa High School
33Kelcey Blommers, 215:48.7Pella Community High
44Tess Roorda, 216:10.9Pella Community High
55Ciara Buchheit, 216:24.7Pella Community High
66Alex Robran, 116:26.6Ankeny High School
77Naomi Hill, 216:35.5Ankeny High School
88Kristina Quijano, 416:40.4Indianola High School
99Paige Nicholson, 316:46.5Indianola High School
1010Hailey Coy, 416:51.2Newton High School
1111Emily Bosch, 216:56.9Ankeny High School
1212Meghan Trimble, 116:59.4Ankeny High School
1313Lily Jones, 217:02.1Ankeny High School
1414Payton Phelps, 217:02.8Pella Community High
1515Grace Berg, 117:03.1Indianola High School
1616Nicole Schnebbe, 217:11.3Pella Community High
1717Kk Schulze, 217:11.6Indianola High School
1818Annika Pingel, 117:14.1Pella Community High
1919Micheala Baretta, 317:28.8Indianola High School
2020Cassidy Schacher, 1217:31.6Centerville High Scho
2121Rachel Peter, 417:34.2Pcm High School
2222Hannah Zadeh, 217:35.5Ankeny High School
2323Jensen Gebhart, 117:36.8Indianola High School
2424Katie Canfield, 417:38.6Pella Community High
2525Ellissa Peterson, 117:47.3Ankeny High School
26Marina Shannon, 417:53.5Pella Christian High
2726Rachel Stafford, 217:57.3Pcm High School
2827Cori Rice, 418:03.0Lynnville-Sully High
2928Baylee Smith, 118:06.9Pcm High School
3029Melissa Moorman, 218:08.3Oskaloosa High School
3130Courtney Eyerly, 418:09.3Indianola High School
3231Autumn Hunt, 418:26.3Newton High School
33Andrea Carballo, 218:33.5Pella Christian High
3432Ellie Horn, 218:35.6Newton High School
3533Anna Barr, 418:38.6Newton High School
3634Madison Rasmusson, 418:44.2Lynnville-Sully High
3735Tessa Keeton, 118:53.6Newton High School
3836Brey Hill, 318:58.4Oskaloosa High School
3937Michaella Cope, 219:02.5Newton High School
4038Olivia Jones, 119:07.7Montezuma High School
4139Marina Llanes Rojas, 419:10.5Oskaloosa High School
4240Kirsten Brauman, 1119:19.3Centerville High Scho
4341Lucy Olson, 219:21.6Knoxville High School
4442Sereena Cheney, 319:22.4Oskaloosa High School
4543Starr Covington, 419:29.5Chariton High School
46Morgan Anderson, 419:32.2Pella Christian High
4744Sydney Washington, 319:33.9Knoxville High School
4845Kianna Lechtenberg, 919:34.3Centerville High Scho
4946Kasiah Ehresman, 319:36.3Lynnville-Sully High
5047Haley James, 219:39.2Lynnville-Sully High
5148Alexis Maki, 219:40.8Montezuma High School
5249Carrie Chambers, 319:45.5Knoxville High School
5350Lauren Slings, 219:49.4Montezuma High School
5451Shelby Foster, 319:52.2Lynnville-Sully High
5552Kiara Kapplemann, 319:54.9Pcm High School
5653Alex Koenig, 319:59.7Oskaloosa High School
57Josie Te Grotenhuis, 120:11.3Pella Christian High
5854Ciara Hirsch, 120:21.3Montezuma High School
5955Kaeline Schueke, 420:23.0Knoxville High School
6056Sydney Dommer, 1220:23.5Centerville High Scho
6157Morgan Novak, 320:26.6Pcm High School
6258Tayler Brauman, 920:45.3Centerville High Scho
6359Mallery Bell, 320:47.7Pcm High School
6460Kristine Jaennette, 220:53.8Lynnville-Sully High
6561Andie Sowers, 120:54.9Pleasantville High Sc
6662Josie Burgett, 420:57.5Pleasantville High Sc
6763Veronica Slobodyanik, 421:01.3Chariton High School
6864Katie Sharp, 1121:01.7Centerville High Scho
6965Melissa Chapman, 1121:13.5Centerville High Scho
7066Kamryn Beers, 221:31.6Oskaloosa High School
7167Madison Showers, 421:39.0Chariton High School
7268Tori Bauer, 321:39.4Chariton High School
7369Dawn Stewart, 121:48.1Knoxville High School
74Kaylee Bruns, 221:59.1Twin Cedars High Scho
75Rachel Surbaugh, 322:16.2Twin Cedars High Scho
7670Ali Goldensoph, 122:16.4Chariton High School
7771Ashley Batty, 422:19.7Chariton High School
7872Sydney Mcneeley, 322:24.0Chariton High School
7973Jolene Lectenberg, 122:25.9Montezuma High School
8074Tianna Torrejon, 222:46.9Pleasantville High Sc
8175Tessa Hutchings, 123:01.7Pleasantville High Sc
8276Morgan Thorpe, 224:11.4Pleasantville High Sc
83Kalli Spaur, 224:48.1Twin Cedars High Scho
8477Ashley Armstrong, 1?Montezuma High School
85Sarah Tuttle, 3?TwinCedars High Scho
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