The future of the Pella Cross Country team was on display for the first time in 2006 Tuesday evening in Grinnell. The course at Grinnell consisted of one loop around Ahrens Recreational complex and was a distance of 1.3 miles.

In the girls’ race, Mariah VandeLune was the champion in a time of 7:39. This calculates out to approximately a 5:53 mile pace. Also finishing in the top ten were Addy VanVliet (3rd – 8:14) and Beth VanWyk (6th – 8:26). All ten ladies for the Dutch finished the course at a 8:12 mile pace or better.

In the boys’ race, Gerrit Visser was the first finisher for the Dutch in 7:07 earning second place overall. The winner of the race was a young man from Grinnell in a time of 6:59. Andy Hardine and Isaiah Armstrong were the next two to finish for the Dutch in 8:33 and 8:46 respectively. Chris Caracci was close behind them in 8:56 and a 42nd place finish.

Overall, it was an excellent first race for all the young runners who participated. The future of Pella Cross Country appears to rest in good feet.



Mariah VandeLune 7:39 1st

Addy VanVliet 8:14 3rd

Beth Van Wyk 7:39 6th

Molly Neil 9:08 29th

Karissa Schaudt 9:37 43rd

Catie Hones 10:11 52nd

Samantha Thomas 10:15 53rd

Hanna Martin 10:28 57th

Jessica Salpor 10:35 59th

Katey Mitchell 10:40 61st


Gerrit Visser 7:07 2nd

Andy Hardine 8:33 27th

Isaiah Armstrong 8:46 35th

Chris Caracci 8:56 42nd

Shaun VanWeelden 10:06 60th

Nick Shepperd 10:23 62nd