The mobility side of Strength & Mobility has several facets in our program.

  • Activation (or what most people call Warming-Up)
  • Range of Motion
  • Restriction Identification
  • Prehab and Rehab
  • Movement & Coordination Patterns

I will address the first one listed above – Activation.

To the 2015 XC team our traditional warm-up has been labeled, planned and executed with Activation in mind.  The activation portion of practice needs to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Prepare the athlete for the primary task of the day:
    1. Conversational Run
    2. Intervals, Bauers, and Hills (Oh My!)
    3. Strength Training
    4. Racing
  2. Identify “How the Athlete is Feeling” so the staff can make individual adaptations to the planned training.
  3. Provide feedback to the coaches.
  4. Provide an opportunity to target the individual.

The athlete will show up to a practice or competition typically from one of three situations:

  1. They have just rolled out of bed.
  2. They have just left the classroom.
  3. They have just stepped off a bus.

All of the three afore mentioned environments involve a lot of non-activity.  Therefore we need to activate!

We thought we could do better then having the athlete start off with a running, shuffling, death march of bad mechanics. (Exaggeration, but not by much.) So I am attaching our Base Activation for 2015.  The Activation will vary on time of season, practice objective and methods, and race environment.

Here is our Base Activation.  I will post more details, rationale, and explanations as the season progresses.

XC 2015 Base Activation