Norwalk (Girls)

Norwalk (Girls)


Madison Davis 16:08 2nd

Amanda Dunkin 16:26 5th

Mariah Vande Lune 17:05 14th

Hannah Schwab 17:43 24th

Lauren Barrick 18:02 27th

Molly Neil 18:09 29th

Christina Hibbard 18:16 33rd

Junior Varsity

Kimberly Terlouw 18:12 1st

Shanice Robinson 18:57 9th

Hanna Martin 19:25 15th

Kaitlyn Schaudt 19:41 18th

Hayley Morgan 19:43 19th

Rheanna Haws 20:01 22nd

Karissa Schaudt 20:22 28th

Sarah Wittenberg 20:37 29th

Olivia Warner 20:58 34th

Katie Henry 22:10 42nd

Aemelia Tripp 22:19 45th

Diane Pham 23:00 48th

Laura DePenning 23:00 49th

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