Pella's History at State

///Pella's History at State

Pella's History at State

History At State


2010 6th Place (148) — Zach Buchheit 15:34 (Elite All-State*)(3rd), Evan Jones 16:24 (12th), Michael Schemm 17:22 (55th), Tukker Boggard 17:28 (65th), Ryan Sievers 17:32 (68th), Matthew Klein 18:03 (95th), Keegan Fitzsimmons 18:42 (114th)

2009 State Champions (95) — Zach Buchheit 16:14 (6th), Jon Klein (15th) 16:44, Zach Wittenberg 16:44 (16th), Nathan Buchheit 16:54 (20th), Jon Verhoef 17:41 (63rd), Chris Meyers 18:07 (87th), Michael Schemm 18:15 (93rd)

2008 2nd Place (114) — Zach Wittenberg 16:19 (10th), Zach Buchheit 16:25 (18th), Jon Klein 16:46 (32nd), Andrew Bentz 16:56 (41st), Nathan Buchheit 17:07 (47th), Josh Hones 18:02 (98th), Jon Verhoef 18:25 (105th)

2007 2nd Place (115) — Adam Verhoef 16:38 (17th), Zach Wittenberg 16:44 (23rd), Brecken Doren 16:52 (28th), Nathan Buchheit 17:06 (41st), Jon Klein 17:10 (47th), Brandon Klassen 17:27 (64th), Andrew Bentz 17:29 (68th)

2006 13th (358) — Walker Bell (34th), Adam Verhoef (57th), Andrew Bentz (66th), Trey Behning (90th), Brandon Klassen (111th), Zach Wittenberg (119th), Nathan Buchheit (125th)

2005 15th (472) — Walker Bell (72nd), Andrew Bentz (85th), Adam Verhoef (95th), Trey Behning (104th), Cory Fitzsimmons (116th), Josh Hones (124th), Jodaniel Gutierrez (125th)

2002 Ryan Terlouw (14th)

2001 7th (263) — Michael Navarro (27th), Bryan George (30th), Carson Eggland (42nd), Ryan Terlouw (57th), Dan George (107th), Todd Schuring (124th), Adam Chenoweth (131st)

2000 13th (336) — Ryan Terlouw 30th, Carson Eggland (66th), Gary Pothoven (67th), Byran George (87th), Izaac Holt (95th), Michael Schreuder (118th), Jesse Linn (125th)

1999 16th (327) — Tate Behning (15th), Ryan Terlouw (56th), Carson Eggland (82nd), Mike Navarro (110th), Nick Hatzievgenakis (131st), Eric Holt (136th), Jesse Linn (139th)

1998 Tate Behning (73rd)

1997 Tate Behning (31st)

1993 15th (305) — Neil Ouwersloot (55th), Ben VanZante (65th), Scott Walters (76th), Mike Clark (86th), Josh Puyear (106th), Peter VanZante (112th), Micah Puyear (126th)

1992 10th (246) — Justin Ouwersloot (19th), Loren Kool (56th), Neil Ouwersloot (57th), Scott Walters (76th), Mike Clark (115th), Mike Schnell (130th), Darrell VanZee (132nd)

1991 16th (354) — Jason VanderWeele (16th), Loren Kool (69th), Jason Troyer (73rd), Dan Kuyper (89th), Kirk Hackert (107th), Scott Walters (109th), Chad DeJong (DNR)

1988 15th (305) — Erik Thompson (35th), Lance Meyer (49th), Kevin Hackert (64th), Les McCracken (87th), Joe Martin (105th), Dan Kuyper (114th), Jason Troyer (115th)


2010 3rd (111) — Gabi Meirick 14:54 (6th), Mariah Vande Lune 15:21 (18th), Sarah Wittenberg 15:38 (31st), Hanna Martin 15:48 (42nd), Abby Fyfe 16:02 (50th), ┬áChristina Hibbard 16:39 (82nd)

2009 5th (152) — Victoria Kleven 16:02 (22nd), Mariah Vande Lune 16:06 (23rd), Hanna Martin 16:25 (48th), Sarah Wittenberg 16:41 (58th), Jessica Anderson 16:44 (61st), Sarah Van Maanen 17:07 (78th), Catie Hones 17:19 (86th)

2008 10th (233) — ┬áMadison Davis 15:58 (40th), Mariah Vande Lune 15:59 (41st), Amanda Dunkin 16:03 (48th), Molly Neil 17:06 (98th), Lauren Barrick 17:08 (103rd), Addison Van Vliet 17:19 (109th)

2007 3rd (149) — Madison Davis 15:14 (8th), Amanda Dunkin 15:33 (16th), Heidi Schulte 16:22 (61st), Hanna Schwab 16:22 (62nd), Mariah Vande Lune 16:27 73rd, Sophie Metcalf 17:05 (105th)

2006 12th (325) — Madison Davis (18th), Michelle Renaud (45th), Morgan Hiemstra (82nd), Kayli Hrdlicka (88th), Hannah Schwab (92nd), Heidi Schulte (108th), Gracie Eggland (117th)

2004 Gracie Eggland (53rd)

2003 14th (401) — Gracie Eggland (61st), Amber Breuklander (65th), Renee VanRoekel (80th), Megan Renaud (83rd), Kayli Hrdlicka (112th), Jenny Pothoven (120th), Anna Mansueto (125th)

2001 13th (369) — Mary Hiemstra (41st), Tera Behning (56th), Sunny Visser 63rd), Megan Renaud (100th), Amber Breuklander (109th), Ali Angel (111th), Ashley Sponsler (114th)

2000 13th (336) — Tera Behning (50th), Amber Breuklander (51st), Sunny Visser (70th), Mary Hiemstra (78th), Ashley Sponsler (87th), Megan DeWild (114th), Mandy Vink (134th)

1999 6th (309) — Tera Behning (24th), Mary Hiemstra (57th), Sunny Visser (71st), Jennifer Dole (76th), Ryan Kiburz (81st), Ashley Sponsler (111st), Brooke Visser (136th)

1998 16th (453) — Holly Goodyk (63rd), Jennifer Dole (76th), Stephanie Brown (80th), Ryan Kiburz (111th), Tasha Browne (123rd), Amy Jones (124th), Brooke Visser (132nd)

1997 12th (303) — Erin VanZee (18th), Holly Goodyk (61st), Jennifer Dole (63rd), Stephanie Brown (76th), Amy Jones (85th), Angela Brouwer (110th), Ryan Kiburz (112th)

1996 7th (224) — Erin VanZee (15th), Holly Goodyk (45th), Jennifer Dole (46th), Amy Jones (54th), Stephanie Brown (64th), Tasha Browne (86th), Angela Brouwer (100th)

1995 8th (279) — Holly Goodyk (17th), Julie Wisse (43rd), Maaike Ouwersloot (45th), Miriam Timmer (75th), Angela Bouwer (99th), Taska Browne (109th), Sybil Sullivan (117th)

1994 8th (273) — Becky Timmer (37th), Maaike Ouwersloot (43rd), Miriam Timmer (55th), Angela Brouwer (58th), Carrie Oppenhuizen (80th), Jan Schnell (114th), Jodi Steenhoek (126th)

1993 15th (264) — Becky Timmer (32nd), Maaike Ouwersloot (72nd), Heather Olson (75th), Jolynne Roorda (85th), Carrie Oppenhuizen (86th)

1992 Michelle Pitts (14th), Deb Gilliland (23rd)

1991 Michelle Pitts (22nd), Deb Gilliland (32nd)

1989 Michelle Pitts (26th)

1988 Denise Woods (14th)

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