Rankings Week 4

///Rankings Week 4

Rankings Week 4



1. Xavier Cedar Rapidsn2. Charles Cityn3. Wahlert Dubquen4. Spirit Lake Parkn5. Decorahn6. Heelan Sioux Cityn7. Pellan8. Vinton Shellsburgn9. Waukonn10. Wintersetn11. Western Dubuquen12. Spencern13. Webster Cityn14. Marionn15. Grinnell




1. Denver Tripolin2. Decorahn3. Esterville Lincolon Central/Armstrong Ringstedn4. Spirit Lake Parkn5. Marionn6. Xaviern7. Harlann8. Pellan9. Knoxvillen10. Heelan Sioux Cityn11. Ballardn12. Garner Hayfieldn13. Wahlert Dubuquen14. Webster Cityn15. Williamsburg

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