Today is the last day of school. Everyone knows what that means — more free time to run!!! 58 athletes are currently signed up to participate on the 2007 Dutch Cross Country Team, with rumors that a few more may follow. Some have already begin to run, others may not run until August 13th when practice officially begins. Regardless, all are welcome to join the fun as the greatest season of Pella cross country looms before us.

For those who do wish to run this summer, here is a reported schedule from other athletes of when and where they plan to meet:

    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mornings @ 7:00am – High School
    • Tuesday Mornings @ 7:00am – North Overlook at the Dam
    • Thursday Mornings @ 7:00am – The Square
    • Saturday Mornings @ 8:00am – North Overlook at the Dam
    • MTWHF Evenings @ 8:00pm – Lincoln Elementary

Summer training t-shirts should arrive in about two weeks. I will call everyone when they have. Remember our summer theme is: Commit Like A Champion. Every team hopes to be better than the year before, but few are willing to sacrifice a bit of their summer vacation by training to make that wish a reality. Championship performances are built on a foundation that can only be built in the summer.

Remember that running over the summer is optional, no one should feel obligated to run. Everyone will be welcome August 13th regardless of the shape you arrive in. You will still have a great season and enjoy all the fun the team has to offer. You may however feel the nag of a lingering question: What might you have run in 2007 if you had committed even just 30 minutes of running each day this summer. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Have a great summer! If you see me running, be sure to wave :O)