South Tama (Boys)

South Tama (Boys)


Zach Wittenberg 17:52 2nd

Jon Klein 18:02 4th

Andrew Bentz 18:22 7th

Nathan Buchheit 18:36 12th

Zach Buchheit 18:38 13th

Jon Verhoef 19:27 23rd

Josh Hones 19:32 25th

Junior Varsity

Dan Haws 20:12 4th

MacKenzie Van Zante 20:32 7th

Chris Mitchell 20:37 10th

Chris Meyer 20:39 11th

Brett Schouten 20:41 12th

Miguel Dean 21:05 16th

Joseph Heschke 21:11 17th

Justin Buzick 21:13 19th

Shaun Sokol 21:32 21st

Caleb Dean 21:37 23rd

Brett Howard 22:30 33rd

Austin Lafollette 22:53 37th

Alex Ropes 23:43 42nd

Andy Hardine 24:14 47th

Jared Gerber 25:54 51st

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