When making decisions on what exercises, reps, resistance type and load to impose upon the XC athletes, there are a myriad of choices in today’s world.  How do we cut through the fad, the bad, the hyped, the mis-information and also all the good stuff out there.  Face it, when selecting a way to strength train there is no shortage to possibilities.

I like to look at the problem as a continuum.  The range runs from specific (ex. running) to general (ex. push-ups).  On the specific end of the continuum, we are looking for exercises that mimic the activity in posture, speed, and coordination patterns.  The general end contains exercises and tasks that have posture, speed, and coordination patterns dissimilar to the activity.  We will select exercises and tasks along the whole continuum depending on time of year, needs of the athletes, and abilities of the athletes.

We also have a Core Beliefs document developed to guide us in navigating the numerous choices that exist out there in the wild.  I will attach that document to this post.

Please reach out with questions regarding the strength program.

Look for more detailed information as the season continues.

Core Beliefs for XC Strength Training