Several members of the Pella Cross Country extended family took part in the 16th Annual Turkey Trot race in Knoxville Thanksgiving morning. The race is one in which participants predict their time prior to the race. No watches may be worn, and prizes are awarded to those closest to their predictions.

There were 115 participants this year and from the Pella Cross Country family the VandeLune, Buchheit, and Cutler family were well represented. All 10 participants from these families won prizes for thier predicted times with the exception of Zach Buchheit (age 12). Zach did not win a prize however due to running more than 5:00 faster than he thought he could (this is a good problem according to Coach Cutler).

First prize for the event was won by Coach Cutler. Coach Cutler ran 20:19 and he had predicted his time to be 20:20. David Cutler, younger brother of Coach Cutler, while finishing lower in the event based on predictions actually finished ahead in a time of 19:45. Lynn Cutler, running in her first race ever, ran 28:43. Times are not currently known for member of the VandeLune and Buchheit family. However, Mariah VandeLune was the first school aged female finisher.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!