If you haven’t heard, Thursday the Musco Lighting truck is driving to Pella to help the Dutch XC team to “Light it up”. The theme for this years season is “Light it Up.” We will be working on putting together a poster. As part of that, we have been able to convince Musco Sports lighting to bring their Musco Mini Truck to light up the night.

Musco has been in the business of “lighting it up” since 1976. In their 35+ years of business they have won numerous awards for lighting movie sets. They are best known for lighting up many of the sporting venues in the United States and even the world. Close to cross country runners hearts, they also have light most of the Olymipics since 1984.

From the Musco site
“Since 1976, Musco has focused on the design and manufacture of sports-lighting systems, from hometown Little League® fields to professional sports stadiums around the globe. Offering solutions for both permanent and temporary lighting needs, Musco has attained first-hand knowledge of lighting issues that affect participants, spectators, and television.”

We are thrilled to have their help. The photo shoot will be Thursday night September 8th at 9:30 (That’s PM. since it needs to be dark 😉 ) in Caldwell park.