The new site is up! It has been over 5 years since we have really worked over the website. In web years that is a LONG time. We have been working away feverishly to revamp the website to better serve us.

First, we have incorporated news and updates from the middle school program as well. News now is divided into three categories: General news, High School News, and Middle School News. Take some time to get caught up with the latest. New to this site, you can now leave a comment on a news article. You will need to leave pertinent information to have your comment posted. The comments ARE moderated for content. (We don’t want people posting negative things about Pella XC, that would never happen)

Twitter feed happens automatically now. As soon as an article is posted, BOOM, it shows up on twitter. So get your tweet on and follow us!

Facebook page update happens automatically as well. As soon as an article is posted, WHAMO, it shows up on our facebook page. Isn’t technology great!

We will be adding video and photo content. If you have a great photo to share please send it to and we will put it up on the site.

Thanks for visiting the site and share the link with someone!