Trashy Workout?

///Trashy Workout?

Trashy Workout?

I have had some trashy workouts in my experience as a runner. You know the kind. You just feel like garbage when you are done. You maybe didn’t run as fast as you wanted to. Maybe your legs were just plain tired.

Well, the Pella Cross Country team took the concept of a trashy work out literally. Just a few nights ago, before school started, the team took it upon themselves to grab some garbage bags and clean up trash. Seems like a nice thing to do. However, they did it while running.

The team spread themselves out among the Pella and Pella Christian campuses and picked up garbage.

We owe a big thanks to our Cross Country students for being willing to go the extra mile and help get our school year off to a clean start.

They gave a new definition to “trashy” workouts. Way to go Dutch!

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